1) How to get followers on Twitter ?
You can use our service to get Twitter followers for Free ! We provide a platform where you can add your twitter page and people will follow you for points . For each Follow you get points will be deducted from your Account.
2) How do I earn Points?
You can earn points by liking , Following or sharing facebook ,twitter , youtube & other pages added by people.
3) How to get more views on youtube ?
Just like twitter you can add your youtube video on our site and get views in exchange of points . Each viewer must view 30 seconds of video at least in order to get points.
4) How to get more likes on facebook ?
You can also get free facebook likes in exchange for points on our site. Just signup and add your facebook page.
5) Do I have to pay anything ?
No , the service is absolutely free and you can earn points for free. Payment is optional for users who want to buy bulk points and get views and likes for them.
6) Are the likes , Views , Followers real ?
Yes , All our website users are real and they are the ones who like , Follow and share your social media pages.